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We deliver quantifiable business outcomes to our clients through a comprehensive suite of energy / property services and technologies while driving a net-zero carbon agenda.    


We firmly believe that our combination of technology, domain expertise and process combined can now deliver business outcomes that our clients are striving for.

We see a world where waste is minimised through optimised systems and processes. We operate in a market that is functional, while at the same time limited by the capabilities that individual systems and solutions provide. We are taking a much more holistic approach to address energy challenges, needs and the drive towards net-zero. This holistic approach enables us to take advantage of existing technologies that our clients have already invested in, while complementing them with new innovations, solutions and services. It is the integration of these solutions and services (old and new) that then bring real value to our clients.







As a group we already have mature service propositions, but we are not stopping there. We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, underpinned by the core offerings of the Optimised Group. Linking in IoT (Internet of Things), EVC (Electric Vehicle Charging), Battery / Hydrogen Cell Storage, real-time trading, enterprise level monitoring, control and optimisation, demand side management, analytics, AI, renewables and export to the grid. The power of linking these technologies, applications and services can deliver huge benefits to our clients if managed in the right way. Our vision is to become the one-stop provider that deliver this for our clients across portfolios of buildings!

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