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Individually, managed spaces, energy supply and usage can save you money. Optimised together, they can transform your business.



We're always looking for top analysts, engineers and technologists with a passion for problem solving, innovation and hard work in service of our clients.​ 


Take a look at our current vacancies.

Bureau Optimisation Engineer (BeMS/HVAC)

Help Desk Coordinator

Wind Turbine Inspection Engineer

Optimisation Engineer (BMS)

How are you tackling your building's energy performance?


We see a world optimised to deliver environmental and economic sustainability simultaneously.

This is how we achieve it.


Productivity and efficiency, sustainability and savings, compliance and well-being, if you’ve been treating these separately, you’re not alone. Yet we see things differently. Because when you take the holistic approach to your commercial estate, combing the needs of your people and your business, you save more. Your people become more productive. And whether the goal is compliance, net zero or harnessing new technology, it all delivers more when you trust it to people who see the bigger picture – and the bigger opportunities.


We make buildings work better.

We enable buildings to operate more cost effectively.

And we move heaven and earth to make it happen.



As a group we already have mature service propositions, but we are not stopping there. We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, underpinned by the core offerings of the Optimised Group. Linking in IoT (Internet of Things), EVC (Electric Vehicle Charging), Battery / Hydrogen Cell Storage, real-time trading, enterprise level monitoring, control and optimisation, demand side management, analytics, AI, renewables and export to the grid. The power of linking these technologies, applications and services can deliver huge benefits to our clients if managed in the right way. Our vision is to become the one-stop provider that deliver this for our clients across portfolios of buildings!

1000+ Buildings Optimised
173 gwh Gas & Elec Saved
£8,000,000+ Energy Ssvings
0.025% Reduction in UK Gas
Invoices Validated
Energy Procured
Meters Billed