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Optimised Energy is a full-service energy consulting business. We deliver energy cost and consumption savings for our clients through a ‘Managed Energy Service’ approach that combines best-of-breed hardware, software and service.


Our solutions are tailored to key market sectors including Commercial Real Estate, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Renewable Generators, Hospitality and Retail.


Our team of consulting and outsourcing specialists are highly skilled in areas ranging from Energy Procurement to Cost Recovery, Renewables, Invoice Validation, Utility Recharging, Compliance, Energy Efficiency.

Incorporating ROTEC Engineering

£40,000 of energy costs recovered (5% of annual costs). 6.7% saved in procurement costs. £40,000 in annual heat recovery savings.

Why Optimised Energy


The energy industry is posing many challenges to businesses in the UK and beyond. The deployment of distributed renewable generation, development of local energy markets, and an influx of increasingly new connected technologies all contain risks and opportunities. Since establishment in 2002 we have built a team of analytical, engineering and consulting experts with a passion for energy and a proven track record in many different areas of energy. We now offer a unique blend of services which aim to simplify an increasingly complex environment, solve key challenges and deliver competitive advantage for our clients.


 The Results

We consistently deliver two to five times the fees that our clients pay us in savings. This is achieved by taking a strategic approach to all engagements, and the seamless delivery of integrated energy services. In a world where energy costs are set to rise consistently, and the pressure to pursue low carbon development strategies, Optimised Energy is perfectly placed to advise on and implement measures to deliver a sustainable future for your business.  





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