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Helping the Public Sector achieve their Net Zero
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Emissions from buildings account for 19% of our total emissions here in the UK, making it the second largest contributor after transport in this country. At the Optimised Group we pride ourselves on our ability to help our Public Sector partners transform how their buildings use energy and continually strive for optimal efficiency within their building portfolio.


The UK was the first major economy in the world to pass laws to make reducing greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050 a legal obligation. The government are developing a roadmap to achieve this, the Public Sector will lead the way with the adjustment required in terms of the way Public Estate is decarbonised moving forward. The PSDS (Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme) introduced in 2020 will provide over £1Bn in grant funding monies for Public Sector bodies in 2020/21.


These grants provide the ideal opportunity for Public Sector organisations to transition from fossil fuel based heating systems to a low carbon alternative. Here at the Optimised Group we are uniquely positioned within the market to offer our clients the benefit of our experience, knowledge and expertise with implementing these systems, harnessing the power of our award winning data analytics to provide illuminating insights that help drive further energy efficiency and promote informed operational decision making.

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The Optimised Group are uniquely positioned in the market to assist Public Sector organisations with decarbonisation.


Whilst the Public Sector is leading the ‘decarbonisation charge,’ the scale of this sector shouldn’t be underestimated. The public sector comprises around 14,000 buildings and employs 1 in 6 UK workers. Whilst £1Bn may seem a large investment for decarbonisation, the truth is, this falls well short of what is required in terms of investment to achieve the 2050 Net Zero commitments. In addition, the time scales associated with the first phases of PSDS are typically very short, often requiring quick turnaround on developing designs that can be both complex and challenging logistically.

The Optimised Group takes a proactive ‘partnering’ approach with our clients to cater for the specific challenges presented by Public Sector, whether it be in a high-level consultancy role or tasked with providing bespoke, cutting edge solutions for end users specific challenges.

Key Benefits

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Utilise cutting edge IoT technologies to provide cost
effective, practical solutions for logistically challenging

Holistic approach to improving building efficiency

Optimise efficiency without compromising comfort

Data driven analytical approach to aging HVAC asset
portfolio to prolong asset life and improve performance

Condition based maintenance through a combination of
IoT sensor deployment and 24/7 bureau monitoring

Secure IT bureau connections and cloud hosted
applications available to avoid sensitive government


One of our key strengths is that we listen to our customers very carefully, so rather than offering ‘out of the box’ solutions, we will tailor our proposition to our customers exacting requirements, ensuring their desired business outcomes are at the forefront of our thinking. We will consult with our clients and visit their premises to get a deep understanding of where the opportunities lie within their buildings for driving energy efficiency and increasing comfort levels. Whether that is optimising BeMS software, upgrading BeMS hardware, adding additional sensing intelligence to the BeMS system to allow plant outputs to be reduced or all of the above.

Typically, continual optimisation of HVAC assets via a 24/7 bureau operation including aM & T and analytics data will yield an energy saving of 8 – 12%. On a large Public Sector estate comprising hundreds of buildings, this can translate into energy savings of £millions and substantial kWh usage reduction. Every Public Sector organisation should be considering an optimisation programme as part of their path to Net Zero.


Optimised Bureau takes the day to day routines that facilities, engineering and maintenance teams tend to find difficult to prioritise. We undertake this off site with highly qualified Analysts and Engineers that have many years experience of analysing building systems and energy to maximise their building performance. We offer a wide range of Bureau services including recovery/invoice validation, utility account management, energy cost and consumption, carbon reporting, building analytics, demand side management, BeMS, maintenance and IoT; building data is reviewed, analysed and reported, 24/7/365. Our Optimised Bureau services are Carbon Essentials Plus accredited and provide our clients with outsourced expertise that they can rely on.