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Maximising real estate asset value through optimised energy efficiency, generating; lower energy spend, reduced carbon emissions and improved occupier well-being.

Real estate and the needs of its occupants is changing to a level that has never been seen before.


As a result, it is no longer enough to simply deliver a comfortable working environment at a competitive price. We must provide flexible, innovative, cost effective space and while doing that of course it must be on-course to achieve the aggressive net-zero government targets. Doing things the way you have always done them is no longer enough, like it or not real estate companies need to innovate and bring greater value to their occupiers. At the Optimised Group we have pulled together best of breed technologies and services to bring many aspects of managing energy for real estate owners and operators under a single umbrella which we strongly believe will help you on your journey.

If you are to create better returns from your property portfolio, then minimising operational costs is essential. Expert building and utilities management can help you do that, yet cost efficiencies need to be balanced against the need to provide a quality space and environment to tenants that ensures you meet your responsibilities, while creating high occupancy, as well as cost-efficiency.

Actions taken as a result of good energy metering, monitoring and optimisation can save 10-20% of the total energy consumed in office buildings.


There are many challenges when it comes to taking over a building from contractors. Buildings are rarely commissioned properly, meaning that managing agents must resolve base build plant and controls issues while keeping tenants satisfied with limited service charge budget. Buildings are being tasked with ambitious energy efficiency targets under the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP), yet it is difficult to balance occupant comfort with energy efficiency through building control strategies.


Occupiers are increasingly demanding low cost, transparent green energy supplies over the long term and Facility Management contractors are typically not incentivised enough to drive down energy costs and as a result owners, landlords and tenants are not getting the best results out of their building assets.


When it comes to metering, energy and water metering are not always MID compliant, nor do they enable utility recharging inline with the RICs code of conduct. Recharging utilities to occupiers is complex and requires a combination of specialist engineering, software, and utility management expertise in order to reduce service charge costs and manage cash flow.


As a result of some or all of the above, buildings invariably don’t perform in the way the occupiers, managing agents, Landlords and Owners expect them to.

Key Benefits

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Single provider to address all your energy needs in commercial real estate

Deep understanding from tenant billing to optimisation of building performance through the BeMS

Typical ROI of 12 months if optimising existing assets (include some repairs and control works)

Full HVAC/BeMS optimisation can generate savings of around 10-15% of your total energy spend

Phased approach to cost / savings implementation

Utilise the BeMS to avoid high peak charges



The opportunity to optimise building systems through BeMS (Building energy Management System) exists in most office buildings with a typical potential reduction in consumption of the systems controlled of around 25% leading to a short payback period, usually in less than 12 months. This is done through optimising the performance of systems, assets and in particular the BeMS that control many of the assets l eading to considerable savings in terms of energy consumption, asset life and maintenance costs.


Regardless of whether your facility has previously undertaken extensive energy saving initiatives and you are at an advanced stage of your energy efficiency strategy or if this is the first step, we are confident savings can be made.


We will review the BeMS operation including: time schedules, setpoints and control strategies along with any energy consumption data that will help us identify where energy is wasted. We will also review the physical HVAC plant and identify areas of savings due to assets configured incorrectly, equipment in manual or areas that may require maintenance or repair. All of which will be formed into a strategy agreed with the operator and documented to get the facility back on track.