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Optimised Facility Management in Corporate Real Estate.

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Optimised Spaces provides services and solutions to deliver real quantifiable value to corporate real estate customers. We work with customers of all sizes across multiple sectors including; healthcare, commercial real estate operators and public sector organisations.

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Our services and solutions support improved performance in our clients’ operations and facilities. Connecting, spaces, people, processes and assets to optimise building performance, enhance work environments to ensure optimal operational results. Our technologies, processes and services deliver energy savings, improved occupant comfort, extended asset life, resource efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs.  

We have a wealth of industry sector experience and are well versed in facilities management, building services, controls and automation, energy analytics and IT. This combination allows us to maximise the value we offer to our clients and provides a holistic view to designing, operating and maintaining commercial spaces.


We have real experience in the design, implementation and operation of buildings and their array of building systems; importantly, we know how to optimise spaces - without significant capital investment. ​

Operational efficiency, increased life of assets, reduced maintenance costs and well-being of building occupants are all key objectives of our service delivery.

Why Optimised Spaces


We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, reliability and technical capabilities, which soon earns us a ‘trusted advisor’ status with most of our clients. We link strategic and project advice to achieve business goals and benefits for our clients. Bespoke facilities management service, that is tailored to your specific needs, small or large, from conception to operation. Utilising our skills and technologies to ensure a smooth running, comfortable cost-effective work environment. A deep knowledge in environmental and energy management and how this links to real business impacts through optimisation of building services and facilities. Resulting in the delivery of substantial energy savings without compromise to occupant comfort levels. We are at the forefront of latest technology that can impact the way we build, manage and operate our facilities and spaces. Delivering the latest IoT solutions, providing advice on systems, solutions and integration.